The Wages of Sin

Fiscally Unsound

In Which the Paladin Speaks His Mind

The three strangers agree to work together, making only brief introductions before having to prevent another crisis: a wagon-load of firewood, set ablaze, being rolled toward the cathedral by a group of goblins.

After eliminating the threat, Edronicious declares that he needs Charger, his warhorse, to fight more effectively. The trio rushes down the streets of Sandpoint, picking off a few straggling goblins en route.

In front of the stables, they encounter Aldern Foxglove about to be attacked by goblins, one of which is riding a goblin dog. Rushing in to take advantage of surprise, Edronicious and Reginald make short work of the attackers. As he charged in, Ed shouted a battle cry: “Your father had bad credit!”

Over the next half hour, they help the city guard sweep the town for strays, put out fires, and rescue citizens. As night falls, they are approached by Content Not Found: ameiko-kaijutsu-7 and offer a week’s room and board in exchange for a tale she can embellish upon.



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