The Wages of Sin

Merit Badges
In Which the Heroes Find a Hidden Agenda

As the newly-made heroes ate a congratulatory dinner at the Rusty Dragon, Sheriff Belor Hemlock made an appearance, whispering bad news: during the raid, someone had snuck into the town graveyard and tampered with one of the tombs. He asked the trio to accompany him, just in case it was something more serious than maybe a stray goblin.

Along the way, he asked them about their reasons for being in town (except for Sildyn, who had lived there for several years), how long they were staying, what plans they might be making together. He explained that the town currently lacked a group of adventurers in residence, and that sometimes things happened that went much easier if such a group was on call.

When they reached the disturbed tomb, Reginald looked around and found signs of several goblins and one larger humanoid, having climbed the wall from outside the city, entered the tomb, and left the way they came. As Edronicious pulled open the door, he was ambushed by animated skeletons. He and the halfling made short work of them.

Inside the tomb, the sarcophagus that held the former priest’s remains lay open and empty; a discarded pile of cloth lay in the corner, which Sildyn determined was an expended robe of bones: the source of the skeletons. Clearly, the attack on the town was all a distraction while this unknown being ransacked the tomb. Sheriff Belor gave the trio ‘unofficial’ deputy status, and asked them to keep this part of the raid to themselves while he consulted with the town’s resident goblin-expert.

Fiscally Unsound
In Which the Paladin Speaks His Mind

The three strangers agree to work together, making only brief introductions before having to prevent another crisis: a wagon-load of firewood, set ablaze, being rolled toward the cathedral by a group of goblins.

After eliminating the threat, Edronicious declares that he needs Charger, his warhorse, to fight more effectively. The trio rushes down the streets of Sandpoint, picking off a few straggling goblins en route.

In front of the stables, they encounter Aldern Foxglove about to be attacked by goblins, one of which is riding a goblin dog. Rushing in to take advantage of surprise, Edronicious and Reginald make short work of the attackers. As he charged in, Ed shouted a battle cry: “Your father had bad credit!”

Over the next half hour, they help the city guard sweep the town for strays, put out fires, and rescue citizens. As night falls, they are approached by Content Not Found: ameiko-kaijutsu-7 and offer a week’s room and board in exchange for a tale she can embellish upon.

Party Crashers
In Which the Heroes First Get Involved

21 Rova 4707 AR

Sandpoint, southwest Varisia

Hundreds of visitors turned out for the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint. It promised to be the largest such celebration in recent memory, because it also marked the official consecration of the town’s interdenominational church.

The final act of consecration, however, was interrupted by an attack within the town’s borders by dozens of goblins. As mayhem broke out throughout the town, the city watch found themselves dealing with multiple crises all over.

Three strangers banded together that evening to help: a highborn human, a mercenary of late; a halfling hunter, astride a battle-trained wolfhound; and an elven scholar, trained in the arcane arts but somewhat past his prime.


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