The Wages of Sin

Pyrrhic Victories

In Which the Heroes Learn They Can't Be Everywhere

The next few days see the newly-made heroes encountering a variety of unexpected challenges.

They met with Aldern Foxglove in front of the Goblin Squash Stables, where he got Reginald’s riding dog fitted with armor, and bought Sildyn a riding horse. They spent the afternoon discussing Aldern’s life in Magnimar, while he grilled everyone with questions about their origins, inquiries about their training, and discussions on faith and ethics.

After finally cornering a wild boar, Ed and Reg charged in to lead the attack. When it ignored them and charged Aldern, Sildyn put a patch of grease in its path, interrupting its charge and leaving it open for Aldern and Ed to finish it off. Aldern’s servants dressed the carcass while everyone else had lunch; later, they took the carcass back to the Rusty Dragon for Ameiko.

Shayliss Vinder, daughter of the general store’s owner, lured Edronicious into the shop’s basement intending on taking advantage of him. He proved to be more than up to the task, but the girl’s father intervened. A brief fistfight proved the old man had more than anger at hand, and Ed regained consciousness in jail.

After a bit of debate with Sheriff Hemlock, they went back to the store. Under Hemlock’s watchful eye, Ed and Ven Vinder cleared up the disagreement and shook hands. Later, Ed wrote a lengthy letter to Shayliss, including an invitation to spend a night with him at the White Deer with wine, catering, and pampering.

That evening, they were approached by one of the locals, Amele Barett. A goblin had managed to get into their house, and they only found out when they discovered it chewing on her son’s arm. While her husband Alergast was trying to root it out, she ran to find the local heroes. Sildyn sent his familiar out to get the sheriff while they ran to the house.

Upon entering the boy’s bedroom, they found the corpse of Alergast lying on the floor. As Ed pulled the body out of the closet, a crazed goblin leaped out, attempting to drive a knife into his face. He and Reginald quickly finished it off, but not before Amele saw her husband’s body.

Sheriff Hemlock took the distraught woman and her children to the Cathedral while one of the Watch barricaded the house.

As night fell, Ed went to the room he had reserved at the White Deer, to find someone waiting for him.



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